Carpet Cleaning

Having your office or home carpets professionally cleaned is one of the most cost effective things you can quickly do to spruce up the overall look and feel of your home or work space. Professional carpet cleaners are highly trained and use the latest equipment and technology to return your flooring to its original, like new condition. With time and age, carpets can build up a large variety of contaminants such as asbestos fiber, allergens, chemical contaminants, outside toxins, pesticides, irritants, oil, sand, pet hair and dander, germs, and a host of other pollutants that leave it looking worn, dingy and dirty.

Service Areas In Kansas City

Cleaner Carpets of Kansas City services all parts of Kansas City as well as outlying areas.We will match any competitors price and make sure that your carpets come out looking brand new! If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning services or service area, please give us a call today!


Importance Of Clean Carpeting

Think of your carpet as a big giant sponge absorbing everything it comes into contact with. By employing the services of a professional carpeting cleaning business, you can ensure that you and your family are not being exposed to any of these possibly hazardous contaminants every day. Not only does our cleaning services remove the filth and grime, but our high temperature steam cleaning kills germs and bacteria that live in your carpet. Without the support of professional carpet cleansers and their services, you could be putting your household in jeopardy of creating allergic reactions and other health concerns.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Jim Keasler

Cleaner Carpets of Kansas City bailed us out of a bad situation, literally! We had a broken pipe in an office complex I manage and they responded immediately when I called. They quickly assessed the situation, helped isolate the pipe and immediately went to work. They saved a lot of equipment from damage and restored the carpeting to like new.


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