Tile Cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Just like carpeting, it’s important to regularly clean any kind of porcelain tile that might be in your house or office property. Grime and contaminants can quickly build up, eventually dulling the look of your tile floor, leaving your property with old and worn out looking floors. The pros from Cleaner Carpets of Kansas City have the latest equipment and experience to restore your ceramic tiles to their original look, instantly enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Only by using the services of a professional floor cleaning company will you be successful in getting all the dirt from the cement between your ceramic tiles. This procedure, which is done by a licensed and qualified pro, is the fastest and cost effective method to quickly improve the look of your tiled floors.



A normal size area of about 300 sq feet only takes about 45 minutes to thoroughly clean. You can also choose to have sealer added, which will help to keep your tiled floors looking brand new for many years. This procedure takes about 2 hours to complete. Like a carpet, grout can easily soak up a wide variety of dirt and contaminants that can quickly leave it looking old and dirty. The professionals at Cleaner Carpets of Kansas City will be able to restore your floor tiling to make it look brand new again. This is one of the best actions property owners can do to enhance the appearance and look of their rooms.