Water Damage


Water and flood damage can easily be very destructive to the carpet and furniture of a property. Without fast action from a professional carpet cleaning company, your office or home property could sustain higher losses than normal. The pros at Cleaner Carpets of Kansas City are able to use their experience in this area and state of the art cleaning equipment to help salvage the carpet and furnishings in your house or office.

Emergency Service

Our specialists are readily available 24 hours a day to come to your home or office property, and can begin work immediately to minimize the water damage you have at your property. It’s critical not to postpone or delay action in the aftermath of water or flood damage, as water can penetrate deep into your carpets and furniture, destroying them permanently.

Steps To Take

The first step that should be taken when faced with a flood, broken pipe or other type of water damage is to get rid of the source of water. Next, you need to shut down the circuit breakers supplying electricity to the affected area. Our professional service people will remove all of your furniture from the contaminated location to ensure they do not become ruined or sustain more damage throughout the cleaning procedure.

People without experience should not attempt to clean damaged areas by themselves, as vacuums or shop vacs pose the threat of electric shock. Specialized carpet cleaners are the best option for property owners in the wake of a water damage emergency. In most instances we have the ability to remove all water from your property, and save your carpet and furniture from any devastating, long lasting damage.